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  • Financing Renewables to Decarbonize the Grid

    Business Renewables Centre Australia (BRCA) is revolutionizing the way corporate Australia invests in renewable energy. Their efforts are leading to monumental growth across this sector, resulting in significant financial, social and sustainability benefits for the nation and driving supply-demand management of the Australian grid - setting an example of sustainability leadership on the world stage. Join in the conversation with Jonathan Prendergast, Technical Director, BRCA to hear how they are sparking a revolution in corporate investment for clean energy. Click here to listen now

  • Mission Zero

    Lendease's ambitious science based emission reduction targets have been described as industry leading. Listen as Ann Austin, Head of Sustainability for Lendlease Australia, shares some of their journey for developing these and the importance for organizations to understand and hone in on their unique area of influence in determining thoughtful, and considered, strategies rather than borrowed ones. The result is their mission zero roadmap which is already delivering exciting innovations in fossil fuel free construction. Click here to listen now

  • Innovating the Built Environment from the Ground Up

    In this special episode of the VinZero Think Future Podcast we turn to India where two Entreprenurial companies are revolutionizing our Built Environment from the ground up. Abhimanyu Singh, the founder and CEO for Hexpressions, shares how they are changing the game for affordable housing using their patented honeycomb panels and Kunjpreet Arora, Co founder and CEO of Angirus, joins the conversation shining the light on their Wricks innovation. An environmentally friendly, climate resistant alternative brick that has the potential to reinvent an entire industry. Click here to listen now

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  • VinZero | Design, Build, Solve

    LATEST NEWS [ WELCOME ] Our comprehensive partnership portfolio, and combined technical experience as a group, enables VinZero to pioneer solutions and services to the AEC and Manufacturing industries that support digitalization for the built environment and drive net zero outcomes Design As one of the largest Autodesk Partners globally, we provide SaaS solutions and support to the AEC and Manufacturing industries. Build We take you beyond BIM. Our industry experts can provide modular or full end to end consulting for project, product and collaboration workflows, recommending the best fit technology solutions, enabling you to maintain project momentum and profitability. Solve We help you rethink design and construction as well as technological approaches to reducing waste and optimizing project outcomes and profitability. At VinZero, we support your net zero and sustainability targets. Safeguard your competitive advantage in the digital and net zero future Together, Cadline, U.S. CAD, Capricot and A2K Technologies, are combining market strengths and experiences under the VinZero brand. As VinZero, we can: provide greater leverage for our customers to access the latest design and BIM software solutions, utilize our global development expertise to solve their unique use cases, and deliver superior support by leveraging our global expertise and resource. WHY VINZERO [ DESIGN BUILD SOLVE ] Your digitalization and net zero partner [ OUR NETWORK ] 400,000+ 32 550 SUBSCRIBERS OFFICES GLOBALLY INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS [ WHY VINZERO ] We're trusted. With over 100 years of combined experience across the group, we work globally to deliver the right digital solutions and professional services to our customers. ​ Together, VinZero's brand partners and Autodesk inspire sustainable design and innovation. OUR SOLUTIONS Our global expansion brings experience. Operating across six countries and 32 office locations and with plans for expansion to an additional 7 regions, we work together leveraging our skills across the globe to share knowledge and experience that helps our customers achieve their own technological and sustainability leadership goals. OUR LOCATIONS We can take you step by step towards net zero. We are committed to helping our customers reduce waste, improve efficiency and deliver sustainable building and design practices. VinZero’s tools, software, processes and training enable AEC and Manufacturing companies to safeguard their competitive advantage in the digital and net zero future. LEARN MORE VinZero has a diverse customer base with strong satisfaction and retention rates. Our team of industry experts are constantly engaging with our customers throughout their journey to ensure this is the case. ​ BARRY LEWIS - CRO [ FAQS ] Frequently asked questions. [ FEATURED ] VinZero in action. Leaning into the best technology Client: WSB Location: U.S.A. VinZero Partner: U.S. CAD Industry: Infrastructure Autodesk Solutions: Autodesk Civil 3D, Autodesk BIM 360,... Steinberg Hart transforms network to foster improved collaboration, creativity and connection Client: Steinberg Hart Location: U.S.A. VinZero Partner: U.S. CAD Industry: Cloud & Construction Autodesk Solutions: Autodesk BIM 360,... Capturing Reality: One firm’s laser focused investment in scanning reaps big rewards Client: Schemmer Associates Location: U.S.A. VinZero Partner: U.S. CAD Industry: AEC Autodesk Solutions: Autodesk BIM OVERVIEW: As an... READ MORE

  • Professional Services | VinZero

    [ WE'RE PROUDLY ] One of the world's largest Autodesk Platinum Partners with the strongest local commitment [ WHAT WE DO ] Professional Services [ ABOUT US ] Our professional services history For over 20 years the brands under VinZero, have been providing professional services to Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing industries helping them to understand the role of digitalization for the built environment and maximize the usage of the technology products they purchase. Our combined technical strength across the group provides our customers with one of the largest professional services divisions globally to support delivery of project outcomes. Our customers leverage our scale, capacity, capability, and experience together with our strong local committment for delivery of projects of all scopes and sizes. Professional services today With a global focus on reducing emissions and increased focus directed towards industry, VinZero and its brand partners, are now turning their attention to providing the linkages between using technology to digitize, and at the same time leveraging the valuable data insights it brings to build more sustainably. As a sustainability-focused digtalization delivery partner the addition of the VinZero Think.Future® Sustainability Council is delivering a new value add to it professional services customers, helpingthem achieve their own technological and sustainability goals. [ OUR SERVICES ] Our capabilities includes WORKFLOW SERVICES DISCOVERY SERVICES TRAINING SERVICES SUPPORT SERVICES BIM SERVICES SUSTAINABILITY SERVICES DATA MANAGEMENT & CLOUD SOLUTIONS CUSTOMIZATION & DEVELOPMENT [ WHY VINZERO ] Why work with us With a global shortage on labour resources, supply chain disruptions, and increased demand for buildings and infrastructure that support sustainability while also meeting profitability expectations, the built environment has never been more challenging. Our professional services team utilize a Think.Future® methodology to help you; Secure your growth/margins Leverage data insights Increase profitability Maximize your own business resilience We believe data is the currency for net zero and connectivity of processes and design ideas through digitalization is the fastest way for industry to achieve more, and use less. The global focus on sustainability presents the biggest opportunity for industry to improve efficiency and reduce waste and the fastest way to secure your margins is to engage a trusted partner with the right expertise to deliver a seamless transition for your business. Take advantage of new and emerging technologies Businesses both large and small utilize VinZero’s dedicated industry experts to help navigate technologies as they emerge, driving efficiency and improving workflows. Maximise existing technologies VinZero's dedicated training services ensure its customers maximize the usage of the technology products they purchase. [ MEET THE TEAM ] Meet our professional services leaders Select your region to meet some of our professional service leaders EMEA INDIA APAC THE AMERICAS

  • What We Do | VinZero

    [ WHAT WE DO ] Sustainable is possible. [ YOUR DIGITAL PARTNER ] As a technology partner of choice for leading AEC and Manufacturing companies globally, VinZero helps its customers achieve technological and sustainability leadership through digitalization. We're a business that talks to our customers. As solutions partners for the Design, Construction and Manufacturing sectors we understand there is not always one solution. That’s why our industry experts work with you from the outset to take you through a detailed discovery phase. From there, we customize the best workflow process for your company, or project requirements, and bring in the best technology partners to achieve your goals. We understand there is a bigger purpose to digitalization and work to ensure your processes and technology solutions give you the insights throughout your building lifecycle. Whether it is to design, build or maintain. Everything we do works towards maximizing the efficiency and productivity of your projects and providing you workable data and meaningful insights that drive towards your sustainability goals. It's complicated but... we're listening 01 We know that sometimes critical elements of a project, or even regulations governing a project, can change and new or alternate technology solutions may be needed. We take an adaptive approach with our solutions, always looking to stay ahead of the technology curve so that you can too. We understand the criticality of project delivery, change management, and inherent risk on projects, that need to be managed as any new platform is assessed and implemented. VinZero has a breadth of experience covering the entire lifecycle. That can only be garnered by time in the market. We get it. Things change but... we're adaptable 02 We understand technology is just an enabler for good processes. So we work with you from day one to identify your goals and existing processes and to define the best pathway for digitalization and successful migration to new technologies. Most importantly our global development capability enables our pre-sales engineers to turn your requirements into the 'possible' through configuration, customization, implementation and software development if required. We are always looking for ways to say “yes”. That’s one of the reasons why our customers rate us so highly for being ‘easy to do business with’. We know you are trusting us to get it right. And you can. There is so much to do but... we're trusted 03 Digital transformation helps establish better processes and workflow so you do more. Today's workforce is not growing at the same pace as infrastructure and building demand. The only way to ensure the future health of infrastructure, and to keep pace with demand, is to enable greater efficiency across AEC and Manufacturing projects, through the digitalization of processes. The ability to rethink each step of the construction phase based on meaningful data accelerates capacity, provides more accurate workflow management, and reduces waste and rework, enabling you to build more sustainably, manage data more effectively, and provding insights into project performance. So now, you really can combine profit with purpose. It's a competitive market but... we want you to win 04 [ THE FACTS ] Sustainability problem or opportunity? To keep global warming limited to 1.5 degrees (compared to pre-industrial levels), carbon dioxide emissions must be zeroed by 2050, and reduced by 30-50 percent by 2030. The pace and extent of the change required simply has no historical precedent: it has to happen within a time frame twice shorter than in the past, and on a global scale. ​ Construction is one of the most energy intensive polluting industries, accounting for... OF ENERGY RELATED CO2 EMISSIONS OF LANDFILL WASTE OF AIR POLLUTION OF NATURE RESOURCES OF WATER POLLUTION OF ENERGY USAGE [ HOW WE CAN HELP ] Build right, from the start with VinZero. More than 30% of construction is reworked… More than 10% of building materials go to waste. ​ Connectivity of processes and design ideas through digitialization is the fastest way for us to achieve more, and use less. To build right, from the start. The global focus on sustainability presents the biggest opportunity for industry to improve efficiency and reduce waste. ​ Adoption of digitalization will be the key driver for rapid transformation and competitive advantage across AEC and Manufacturing, and now is the time to prepare for the future. VINZERO CREATE CONTENT PORTAL CUSTOMIZATION & DEVELOPMENT BIM SERVICES DPM SERVICES TRAINING SUPPORT More than 30% of construction is reworked. More than 10% of building materials go to waste.

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