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  • Combining beautiful aesthetics with thermal comfort

    Serge Ferrari has a mission to act now to build a better tomorrow. For nearly 50 years, they have been designing, developing, and manufacturing innovative composite fabrics for light architectural and exterior landscaping applications. Join the conversation as Nitin Govila, Senior Vice President Asia Pacific +MEA, shares how they are providing sustainable solutions for architecture, combining beautiful aesthetics with thermal comfort. Click here to listen now

  • VinZero takes the lead in BIM content development for the built environment.

    27th September 2022 - VinZero announces the release of VinZero Create, a new global BIM content database designed to maximize efficiency and productivity for designers, fabricators, and contractors globally. As one of the world’s largest resellers of Autodesk products globally, VinZero is taking a leadership position within the built environment by developing platforms and applications to bridge technology data gaps across the AEC and manufacturing construction industries. The release of VinZero Create’s content database is the first step in delivering AEC professionals high quality curated BIM content from leading building product manufacturers and made available to VinZero’s 400,000+ licensed subscribers across its global network. “VinZero is on a journey to give back to industry, enabling organizations access to information that can deliver efficiencies in the design build process, and we are doing this a number of ways through our Thought Leadership forums and events and through the solutions we are delivering,” says Paul Laycock CEO VinZero. Users are not the only beneficiaries of the VinZero Create. Building Product Manufacturers can showcase their latest products and ensure that all product updates, specifications, and performance data is readily available to the global AEC community. VinZero Create is pleased to announce in partnership with ENGworks Global a brand new service, Content on Demand, an online, self-service, turnkey, content creation platform. This enables AEC professionals to order the creation of BIM content for use in a variety of design, fabrication or construction applications. “Manufacturers know the concept of quality assurance in the production of their products. This creates reliability and trust at a larger scale. BIM content creation and management deserve the same comprehensive and systematic approach. It’s that connection between high-quality BIM and fabrication content development and high-quality manufacturer products that brings numerous benefits to AEC professionals. VinZero with its global user reach and ENGworks Global with its expertise are collaborating to provide an enhanced experience for the user on not just one project…but on every project,” says Chris Di Iorio CEO ENGworks Global. All content created through this service will be based on unique project requirements, location, units of measure and most importantly localization of standards. VinZero Create serves the MEP, Architectural, Construction and Manufacturing community with a vision of developing the largest global database of high quality, multi-format, sustainably rated product content, to help customers step towards net zero. “There is much to be done in educating industry on emission friendly building materials and manufactured products. Consumers are driving demand for renewable solutions and VinZero intends to make it easier for manufacturers to get this information out to designers and architects," continues Laycock. VinZero's Think Community will provide additional promotional opportunities for the portals manufacturers to share product use cases, product development and advancements to its global audience at no cost as part of their commitment to industry create conversations that build a better world. for more information or or About VinZero For over 20 years, the brands under VinZero have been providing software solutions and professional services to Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing industries helping them to understand the role of digitalization for the built environment. Businesses both large and small utilize VinZero’s dedicated industry experts to help navigate technologies as they emerge, driving efficiency and improving workflows. With a global focus on reducing emissions and increased focus directed towards industry, VinZero are now turning their attention to providing the linkages between using technology to digitize, and at the same time leveraging the valuable data insights it brings to build more sustainably. VinZero are passionate about helping their customers understand how the technologies they use today can help them to step towards net zero in the future, to build a better world. About ENGworks Global For three decades, ENGworks Global has been a technology leader continuously developing new processes and services to drive productivity for Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Trade Contractors, Construction Managers, Manufacturers, as well as Owners and Operators. ENGworks Global is a highly regarded, internationally recognized virtual design and construction (VDC) service and solutions provider particularly in collaborating virtually with project stakeholders to curate designs and cultivate fabrication methods, implementing bespoke data management solutions for facility owners, and supporting Building Product Manufacturers (BPMs) in their efforts to digitize their product data for BIM. The ENGworks Global mission is to help AEC/O professionals design and build better projects by reducing risks, saving cost, and time through implementing the full potential of VDC. While the major software vendors build their core BIM platforms, ENGworks Global combines cutting edge technology with their acute knowledge of the building lifecycle to create BIM technologies that impact the construction productivity as well as building performance for Owners. Through its extensive expertise delivery technology, real-time building automation with major players in Data Centers, Health Care, Hospitality and Government, ENGworks Global has become the technology and service provider of choice for the AEC/O and BPM community. With this experience and a track record of quality delivery. ENGworks Global currently participates in projects on a global scale, offering verifiably superior services and project support, all the while continuing to develop the unrealized potential of BIM. For more information please visit

  • Achieving efficiencies through technology and changing the way we see paint

    In this 2 part episode we hear first from Lisa Stine. Leveraging a degree in Civil Engineering and a love of technology to improve the sustainability of construction, Lisa Stine leads the marketing efforts for Autodesk and its partners. Lisa's background, and work with Autodesk, allows her to explore the landscape of the built environment through the lens of technology, and to deliver some unique insights into the efficiencies it can deliver. Then NTD Paints join us for part 2. Based in the United Arab Emirates, NTD Paints has innovated the paint industry by introducing the world’s only safe substitute for titanium dioxide . In doing so, they are changing the global paint industry with a sustainable, high-performance, toxic-free solution, to change the way we see paint. Click here to listen now

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  • VinZero Create | VinZero

    [ WHAT WE DO ] Create [ OUR CONTENT PORTAL ] Introducing our global object stock database... GO THERE NOW Providing quality curated object content from manufacturers globally and adding content for you everyday Vinzero Create is available free of charge to our 400,000 subscribers under management across the VinZero network. ​ Content that enables you to digitize more rapidly, redefine and replace generic with specific, design smarter and faster, improving both speed and accuracy and reducing time, and therefore cost to design. Increasing your project margins. ​ Our classification engine and indexing delivers quick and accurate search returns and a great user experience to help simplify the design process. User benefits Faster design development Global quality curated object database Swap out generic to specific in seconds Fast and accurate search returns providing a great user experience Project Specific content creation available Project content creation available VinZero Create included as standard when you are part of the VinZero Support Community OEM benefits Showcase your latest product offerings to the largest AEC and Manufacturing subscriber community globally Deliver important product updates and specification and or regulatory data Initial content audit and sweep conducted as standard Quality assured content updating included as standard annually Full reporting capability on content downloads so you can understand how your content is being used Take advantage of additional promotional opportunities by leveraging VinZero's Think Community to share your product use cases, product development and advancements and to showcase your business and even your customers sustainability journey to net zero. GO THERE NOW

  • Our Thinking | VinZero | Join our Think Community

    [ VINZERO. RETHINK & LEVERAGE ] Join our Think Community. Our network of experts are building a Think Community to help VinZero customers achieve their own technological and sustainability leadership goals. ​ Sign-up to this FREE community today to explore, save and download these great resources. JOIN TODAY Listen VinZero's Think Future Podcast LISTEN NOW Watch See how other companies are working towards net zero WATCH NOW Read Case studies and blogs featuring VinZero in Action around the globe CASE STUDIES BLOGS NEWS Learn Live webinars that allow you to learn at a time that suits you VIEW WEBINARS Save Create your own Think Folder of favourite resources SAVE NOW [ OUR THINKING ] Think Community. [ GET SOCIAL ] Follow us! Connect with us on socials:

  • | VinZero

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