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  • Driving circularity for the built environment. VinZero joins the WorldGBC latest programme.

    Media Release 20th June 2022 The WorldGBC strategy catalyzes the uptake of sustainable buildings for everyone, everywhere and focuses on transforming the building and construction sector across three strategic areas - climate action, health & wellbeing, and resources & circularity. As a global action network comprised of around 70 Green Building Councils around the world and as members of the UN Global Compact, WorldGBC works with businesses, organizations and governments to drive the ambitions of the Paris Agreement and UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development. The recent announcement of the Circularity Accelerator project represents another exciting chapter in WorldGBC's work to advance sustainable building and net zero best practices, on a global scale. VinZero are proud to announce their contribution to this significant global programme as project partners to the Circularity Accelerator programme. The World GBC sought after demonstrated leadership in green buildings and organizations with dedicated plans to drive market transformation towards decarbonization of the built environment. VinZero's acceptance to this programme recognizes its thought leadership in the development of the green building movement. The programme is focused on developing a roadmap to facilitate the regeneration of resources and natural systems for the built environment with a mission for 2050 ; A built environment with net zero whole life resource depletion, working towards restoration of resources and natural systems within a thriving circular economy As key participants in the programme VinZero will be participating in quarterly taskforce round tables, market leading research and whitepapers, and various other communication materials and publications for Green Building Councils around the world. By the end of 2023 the Circularity Accelerator Programme aims to raise industry awareness of the state of the market, and to have developed and distributed a set of global principles and technical content to support implementation. VinZero's participation in this world leading programme is a further demonstration of its commitment to help industry step towards net zero and its 'Think Future' thought leadership framework. About VinZero VinZero provides software solutions and professional services to Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing industries with dedicated industry experts providing modular or full end to end consulting to drive best in class project, product utilization and workflow collaboration outcomes. VinZero’s solution discovery process applies a ‘Think Future’ methodology to digitalization and central data environments, enabling customers to integrate seamlessly, onboard easily, and maintain project momentum and profitability as they do so. VinZero believes data is the new currency for achieving net zero and is committed to helping industry reduce waste, improve efficiency, and deliver sustainable building, and design practices through data insights to build a better world. For more information visit or follow us @vinzerothinkfuture on LinkedIn & Facebook @vinzero_thinkfuture on Instagram and @vinzeronews on Twitter

  • Achieving sustainability and resilience requires a holistic approach

    Media Announcement VinZero and ANCR 13th June 2022 Around the world communities are facing more frequent and impactful hazard events. According to the United Nations between 2000 and 2019 over 4 billion people were impacted by more than 7000 disasters (almost twice the disasters seen in the prior decade). The built environment is at the core of protecting lives and livelihoods while also making significant contribution to the emissions driving climate change. New construction is expected to add 2.5 trillion square feet of building area worldwide over the next 40 years. It is estimated that to meet the UN’s 2015 climate change targets by 2050, carbon emissions emitted from construction must be 80-90 percent lower than they are today. Globally an ever growing number of companies are recognising changes in technology, regulations, and consumer behaviours and preferences are challenging the status quo and are calling for a greater lever of global and local collaboration. Achieving sustainability and resilience requires a holistic approach with leadership and engagement from all sectors. In response, The Alliance for National and Community Resilience (ANCR) and VinZero have aligned with a shared leadership, vision, and expertise to advance community resilience to bring attention to the need for multi-sector approaches in meeting societal challenges. Communities across the globe are facing increased exposure and impacts from disaster events and need the tools to effectively understand and manage risks. ANCR is the leader in developing the tools communities need to identify current social, organizational, and infrastructural resilience and to identify pathways to improve. The ANCR Community Resilience Benchmarks® play an important role in helping leaders understand, communicate, and address these risks. The state of a community's built environment is a significant contributor to its resilience. Building in sustainability and resilience is essential to assuring communities can survive and thrive. VinZero is a technology partner of choice for leading AEC, Construction and Manufacturing companies globally. VinZero has a focus on bringing together knowledge and advice from around the world to deliver a thought leadership framework to lead customers and partners on a digital pathway towards netzero. With over 400,000 subscribers across AEC and Manufacturing, and a substantial global footprint VinZero can provide a platform for education and conversation at scale across industry to support ANCRs focus on building for future generations in the face of climate change. Bridging the gap between the role of digitalization, and the importance of data in driving net zero outcomes across the build environment. "Achieving community resilience requires a holistic approach to understanding vulnerabilities and identifying solutions. VinZero's experience in delivering comprehensive solutions to the AEC and manufacturing community will bring a valuable perspective to ANCR's initiatives." Ryan Colker, ANCR Executive Director Both ANCR and VinZero recognize the importance of safe, sustainable and resilient communities and the need for tools and resources to help drive progress. ANCR brings together public and private sector leaders from multiple disciplines to develop and deploy solutions. VinZero's expertise in delivering holistic solutions in turn brings valuable insight to the ANCR Community Resilience Benchmarks®. The building and construction sector is one of the largest in the world economy with around $10 trillion spent on construction-related goods and services every year. However, it is also one of the most energy-intensive polluting industries on the planet, responsible for a reported 38 percent of CO2 emissions, 23 percent of air pollution, 40 percent of water pollution, 50 percent of landfill waste, 21 percent of the depletion of natural resources and 40 percent of energy usage. Still, adoption of technology and more sustainably focused building practices are moving at a much slower pace than required to meet the COP 26 2050 net zero targets. Steeped in a traditional manual approach to construction, and slower than all other industries to adopt and embrace technology, coupled with a perceived lack of alternative materials, and higher costs associated with these, the current state suggests that whilst regulating is having an impact more awareness and engagement is needed by industry overall. "Education is key, industry leaders need to reach out and engage and inform their customers on alternative, more sustainable and resilient materials and building practices, the drive needs to be two-way, business to consumer, and consumer to business" Says Paul Laycock, CEO, VinZero. Working together, ANCR and VinZero will share information and education to industry on alternative approaches to drive demand and adoption. Paul Laycock continues "Increased demand will directly influence cost to manufacture and encourage governments to offer financial support for manufacturing 'in country' to mitigate supply chain issues, lowering supply costs to consumers. In turn this will directly affect consumer uptake on sustainable processes and practices. It always comes back to consumer demand." According to the 2021 World Green Building Trends report despite widely published results on the impacts of the built environment on carbon emissions, only 31%of those surveyed across industry would be driven to implement green buildings based on it being the’ right thing to do’ . This is suggestive that whilst regulating is having an impact, more awareness and engagement is needed by industry overall. Ryan Colker shares "Education and awareness is critical to increasing demand for sustainable and resilient buildings and driving industry towards net zero. VinZero and ANCR together hope to change this." One thing is certain, change is coming. Consumers are demanding it, the industry is calling for it and the environment needs it. ANCR and VinZero call on organizations across the built environment to join them in helping realise this vision. Learn more;

  • The role of wood and mass timber for sustainable construction

    As the building industry comes under scrutiny for its contribution to carbon emissions turning to natural resources is providing a sustainable solution for the built environment. Join with Rachael Jamison Vice President Markets and Sustainability as we explore the American Wood Councils role in delivering sustainable solutions and discover some surprising health benefits associated with the use of this sustainable material. Click here to listen now

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  • Read | VinZero Blog

    [ READ ] Blogs LISTEN WATCH READ LEARN NEWS AEC ARCHITECTURE CONSTRUCTION CROSS-INDUSTRY GIS INFRASTRUCTURE MFG VinZero Driving circularity for the built environment. VinZero joins the WorldGBC latest programme. Media Release 20th June 2022 The WorldGBC strategy catalyzes the uptake of sustainable buildings for everyone, everywhere and focuses on... 7 views VinZero Achieving sustainability and resilience requires a holistic approach Media Announcement VinZero and ANCR 13th June 2022 Around the world communities are facing more frequent and impactful hazard events.... 26 views VinZero The importance of Data for Net Zero Paul Laycock Chief Executive Officer of VinZero caught up recently with Ticker TV to discuss how VinZero is helping the Construction and... 65 views VinZero Four leading AEC & M brands merge to form new $EU 200+m global powerhouse, VinZero Eco Voice | May 4, 2022 Four of the world’s leading architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing (AEC & M) brands: A2K... 46 views VinZero Using digitisation to reduce carbon emissions in building and construction published IT Brief 11th May 2022 The building and construction sector is one of the largest in the world economy, with around $10... 27 views VinZero Why digitalization is speeding up net zero in the manufacturing and construction industries Digitalization is the key to the architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing (AEC & M) sector turning things around, from... 61 views VinZero VinZero will house world-leading technologies under one roof to bring about rapid global change. As published by Toorak Times 4th May 2022 View original article here 169 views VinZero For VinZero, Every Day is Earth Day We celebrated our first Earth Day as VinZero with personal messages from our Executive team across Australia, India, the UK and U.S.A. As... 16 views VinZero Using ISO 19650 with Autodesk Docs March 28, 2022 By James Philip Autodesk Docs and BIM 360 can have an ISO 19650 file naming convention applied to their folders. The... 4 views VinZero Revit Model - BIM 360 Hub to Hub transfer March 28, 2022 By James Philip A client needed to move their existing Revit projects from one BIM 360 Hub to another, so I created this... 5 views 1 2 3 4 5 Want to read more? Explore VinZero in action around the globe by reading our case studies. READ MORE

  • VinZero Create | VinZero

    [ WHAT WE DO ] Create [ OUR CONTENT PORTAL ] Introducing our global object stock database... Providing quality curated object content from manufacturers globally and adding content for you everyday Vinzero Create is available free of charge to our 400,000 subscribers under management across the VinZero network. ​ Content that enables you to digitize more rapidly, redefine and replace generic with specific, design smarter and faster, improving both speed and accuracy and reducing time, and therefore cost to design. Increasing your project margins. ​ Our classification engine and indexing delivers quick and accurate search returns and a great user experience to help simplify the design process. User benefits Faster design development Global quality curated object database Swap out generic to specific in seconds Fast and accurate search returns providing a great user experience Project Specific content creation available Project content creation available VinZero Create included as standard when you are part of the VinZero Support Community OEM benefits Showcase your latest product offerings to the largest AEC and Manufacturing subscriber community globally Deliver important product updates and specification and or regulatory data Initial content audit and sweep conducted as standard Quality assured content updating included as standard annually Full reporting capability on content downloads so you can understand how your content is being used Take advantage of additional promotional opportunities by leveraging VinZero's Think Community to share your product use cases, product development and advancements and to showcase your business and even your customers sustainability journey to net zero. Be the first to experience VinZero Create VinZero Create is coming soon. Register your interest now to be among the first to experience this exciting new platform! ARE YOU A...? arrow&v REGISTER Thanks for registering your interest!

  • VinZero | Design, Build, Solve

    LATEST NEWS [ WELCOME ] Our comprehensive partnership portfolio, and combined technical experience as a group, enables VinZero to pioneer solutions and services to the AEC and Manufacturing industries that support net zero targets. Design As one of the largest Autodesk Partners globally, we provide SaaS solutions and support to the AEC and Manufacturing industries. Build We take you beyond BIM. Our industry experts can provide modular or full end to end consulting for project, product and collaboration workflows, recommending the best fit technology solutions, enabling you to maintain project momentum and profitability. Solve We help you rethink design and construction as well as technological approaches to reducing waste and optimizing project outcomes and profitability. At VinZero, we support your net zero and sustainability targets. Safeguard your competitive advantage in the digital and net zero future Together, Cadline, U.S. CAD, Capricot and A2K Technologies, are combining market strengths and experiences under the VinZero brand. As VinZero, we can: provide greater leverage for our customers to access the latest design and BIM SaaS, utilize our global development expertise to solve their unique use cases, and deliver superior support by leveraging our global expertise and resource. WHY VINZERO [ DESIGN BUILD SOLVE ] Your digitalization and net zero partner [ OUR NETWORK ] 400,000+ 32 550 SUBSCRIBERS OFFICES GLOBALLY INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS [ WHY VINZERO ] We're trusted. With over 100 years of combined experience across the group, we work globally to deliver the right digital solutions and professional services to our customers. ​ Together, VinZero's brand partners and Autodesk inspire sustainable design and innovation. OUR SOLUTIONS Our global expansion brings experience. Operating across six countries and 32 office locations and with plans for expansion to an additional 7 regions, we work together leveraging our skills across the globe to share knowledge and experience that helps our customers achieve their own technological and sustainability leadership goals. OUR LOCATIONS We can take you step by step towards net zero. We are committed to helping our customers reduce waste, improve efficiency and deliver sustainable building and design practices. VinZero’s tools, software, processes and training enable AEC and Manufacturing companies to safeguard their competitive advantage in the digital and net zero future. GET STARTED VinZero has a diverse customer base with strong satisfaction and retention rates. Our team of industry experts are constantly engaging with our customers throughout their journey to ensure this is the case. ​ BARRY LEWIS - CRO [ FAQS ] Frequently asked questions. [ FEATURED ] VinZero in action. Leaning into the best technology Client: WSB Location: U.S.A. VinZero Partner: U.S. CAD Industry: Infrastructure Autodesk Solutions: Autodesk Civil 3D, Autodesk BIM 360,... Steinberg Hart transforms network to foster improved collaboration, creativity and connection Client: Steinberg Hart Location: U.S.A. VinZero Partner: U.S. CAD Industry: Cloud & Construction Autodesk Solutions: Autodesk BIM 360,... Capturing Reality: One firm’s laser focused investment in scanning reaps big rewards Client: Schemmer Associates Location: U.S.A. VinZero Partner: U.S. CAD Industry: AEC Autodesk Solutions: Autodesk BIM OVERVIEW: As an... READ MORE Ready to commit to net zero with VinZero? Join thousands of AEC and Manufacturing businesses striving towards a net zero future with us. SUBMIT Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch shortly.

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