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VinZero achieves Autodesk Platinum Club status globally.

Securing its position as the market leader

VinZero, a global leader in providing Autodesk solutions, proudly announced today that the group has achieved Platinum Club status across all geographic locations. This recognition highlights the company's incredible success since launching its global branding last April.

The subsidiaries within VinZero have for some time been established at Platinum level, the highest level of certification awarded by Autodesk. Achievement of Platinum status is a testament to VinZero's expertise, innovation, and commitment to providing exceptional service to its customers.

The achievement of Platinum Club status takes its recognition as an exceptional provider to new heights. Membership in the Platinum Club is by invitation only and rewards Autodesk's top-performing value-added resellers (VARs). The program specifically recognizes VARs that have demonstrated exceptional performance in selling Autodesk software and services, as well as providing excellent customer service and support.

This latest achievement for VinZero recognizes its efforts and success in becoming a leading net-zero partner for the Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing industries. The Built Environment is currently facing unprecedented challenges, and VinZero's Digital and Sustainability Advisory services are positioned to help clients move towards a net-zero future while also combining profit with purpose.

Paul Laycock, CEO of VinZero, said, "We are incredibly proud with the acheivement of Platinum Club status for all geographic locations. This award is a recognition of our efforts in leading the market and entrenching VinZero as a net-zero partner across industry. We are committed to helping our clients address the challenges they face in their industries by providing them with innovative solutions that combine digital and sustainability practices and help them step towards net zero".

“Across AEC and Manufacturing, technology adoption is accelerating and is critical to managing project profitability. Through our Think.Future methodology, our Professional Services teams work with our customers to maximize the value they can gain from the technologies they deploy" Laycock, continued.

In April this year VinZeros' US operation was awarded the Most Impactful Sustainability Win by Autodesk for 2023. This prestigious award recognizes VinZero's alignment with Autodesk's mission to help customers imagine, design, and solve today for a better tomorrow.

The Most Impactful Sustainability Win Award recognizes companies that are making a significant impact in promoting sustainability through the use of Autodesk's software and solutions. VinZero's US operation was chosen for this award based on its outstanding commitment to sustainability and innovation in the construction and manufacturing industries.

"VinZero has had an incredible year with our global partnership with the World Green Building Councils Circularity Accelerator Programme contributing to the release of the Built Environment Circularity Playbook this Month." said Laycock.

VinZero's global partnership with the World Green Building Council's Circularity Accelerator Programme has seen VinZero collaborate with other industry leaders and stakeholders to deliver a valuable framework for circular building practices. The playbook aims to provide a framework for decision making as a guide to implementing circular principles in the Built Environment for companies looking to transition towards a more sustainable future.

"We are now firmly positioned as the leading sustainability focused digitalization partner for construction and manufacturing around the world." concludes Laycock.

About VinZero

For over 20 years, the brands under VinZero have been providing software solutions and professional services to Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing industries helping them to understand the role of digitalization for the built environment. Businesses both large and small utilize VinZero’s dedicated industry experts to help navigate technologies as they emerge, driving efficiency and improving workflows. With a global focus on reducing emissions and increased focus directed towards industry, VinZero are now turning their attention to providing the linkages between using technology to digitize, and at the same time leveraging the valuable data insights it brings to build more sustainably. VinZero are passionate about helping their customers understand how the technologies they use today can help them to step towards net zero in the future, to build a better world.


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