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New Zealand’s Green Building Council Rating Schemes

Sam Archer, the Director of Market Transformation at the of New Zealand Green Building Council joins the conversation with Think.Future to talk about the opportunities in bringing mainstream designers and builders up to speed and challenges them to lift their game. Sam is passionately dedicated to improving the sustainable development of the built environment. In his role at NZ GBC, he creates a common language to help increase consumer appetite for more sustainable housing and offers insights to the market drivers, demonstrating the value of a green star rating.

Bhumika Mistry is a Senior Technical Coordinator with New Zealand Building Council and an expert in the GBC’s rating tools. In the second half of the podcast, Bhumika explains the evolution of the rating tools and the minimum requirements that mainstream need for sustainable outcomes achievable through certification with GBC’s more advanced tools that address Environmental, Social and Governance reporting (ESG) requirements by focusing on both community, people and place. Click here to listen now

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