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The importance of Data for Net Zero

Paul Laycock Chief Executive Officer of VinZero caught up recently with Ticker TV to discuss how VinZero is helping the Construction and Manufacturing industries take advantage of technology and digitalization to step towards net zero. View full interview

Ticker Original 18th May 2022

With environmental concerns dominating the global landscape, companies across the world are moving to reduce their emissions. However without accurate information, how can businesses take the steps needed to become more environmentally friendly? That’s where VinZero is making a difference — the new global technology and consulting powerhouse’s mission is to lead the AEC & M industries towards net zero emissions.

“Our job is to make sure our clients have access to the right technology by plugging in the right data and getting that right data,” VinZero’s Paul Laycock exclusively told Ticker Insight. “Whether it’s from people who are building the materials, or a supplier of manufactured goods, it’s putting all the information together, so they can select the objects or they can select the components that are going to have the best fit towards moving towards net zero.”

This is particularly important as the construction industry has a lot of waste, and while people within the industry might want to make improvements, the problem is information is not always at the tips of their fingers.

“I know they’re wanting to drive towards this (net zero),” says Laycock. “But it gets very hard if they have to go and do so much work to find out what is the best product, and what meets those criteria, so our job is to make sure that is there. “And … ensure that they’re picking the best opportunities they can towards Net Zero. “As they get more efficient, and they’re using less materials, and less waste, well, then we’re putting less pressure on all our resources.”

VinZero offers a revolutionary product by combining data across multiple industries. Laycock says a big issue is that separate industries are running “their own little silos of data”, meaning there is no smart information connecting across different sectors. By collating this data, VinZero will allow companies to know if they are picking all the correct products, or if there are superior products that could help them achieve net zero. “It’s going to enable us to to review a building and understand exactly what it steps are towards Net Zero.” Laycock adds. “And what’s the cost effectiveness of that, and the cost efficiency of that.” “Once we bring all the data together, we can… digitally build a building, we can digitally build a city before we even build it in real. “And we can operate that city to understand what effect it’s going to have and how it’s going to operate. “And this technology is there, and the intelligence is there, but it can only happen when we bring all the data together, and we have the capacity to bring that data together and manage it. “That’s our number one goal to… enable our designers and engineers etc. to have the information to make the decisions that we know they’re very capable of doing.” For more information about VinZero, head to their website.

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