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Revit Tip – Embed Curtain Wall within a Masonry Wall

February 14, 2022 By Dennis Collin

A common request I often have in Revit is, the possibility of using a Curtain wall element as a Door or Window assembly type object.

One method is to use the cut geometry option, but I think a tidier option is to modify the Curtain Wall family itself. Create a new curtain wall type and rename it to Door_Window Assembly or similar. Edit type properties and tick the Automatically Embed Option.

Now when placing a curtain wall over a masonry wall type, the curtain wall element will behave like a door or window element.

For flexibility I leave the vertical and horizontal grid as undefine which means grids can be created in a bespoke manner to suit specific projects. Door and Window curtain panels can be used as infills and if categorised correctly will show in their respective schedules.

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