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Revit – Manage Link Options

March 24, 2022 By Garry Stockton

The Manage Links dialog has tabs for Revit models, IFC links, CAD Formats, DWF Markups, Point Clouds, Topography, PDF’s and images. Under the tabs are columns that provide information about the link.

1-Link Name

Indicates the name of the model or file being linked.


Indicates whether the link is loaded in the host model. The field will display as Loaded, Not Loaded or Not Found.

3-Reference Type

Links can be nested in one another. How a link responds when the host project is linked into another project depends on Reference Type. If the type is set to Overlay, the linked model is not referenced in the new host project. If it is set to Attach, it displays in the new host project.

4-Positions Not Saved

Indicates if the links position is saved in the shared coordinate system. This column applies to Revit and CAD links.

5-Saved Path

Location of the linked file or model. In worksharing, this is the location of the central model.

6-Path Type

Indicates whether the links saved path is relative, absolute or the Revit Server path. This column does not apply to point clouds.

7-Local Alias

If you are using file-based worksharing and you have linked to a local copy of the Revit model or IFC model instead of linking to the central model, its location displays here.

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