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Revit 2022 - Understanding Scope Boxes – Part 3

January 05, 2022 By John Flanagan

Adjust Scope Box Height in the Options Bar.

Look at the options bar when creating a scope box: you can type a specific name and enter a height value.

Scope boxes can only be created in plan views, but they can be adjusted in elevation, sections and 3D views. If you didn’t set the correct height value in the previous step, drag the blue arrow grips to adjust.

Note: To see the scope box in elevation views, you will have to override the scope box visibility state. To do this, select the scope box in a plan view and in properties click Edit for Views Visible.

Drag Blue Arrows to Adjust Scope Box Height.

Note: Views with a Scope Box Cannot be Uncropped.

When a scope box is assigned to a view, the Crop Region is locked and can’t be modified. Also, you can’t use the Do Not Crop View function. To see the whole project in a view, you will have to create a different plan or remove the scope box temporarily.

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