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Revit 2022 – Differentiate 3 Kinds of Families

March 24, 2022 By John Flanagan


Families are the main building blocks in Revit. Almost every element, from walls to furniture, is a family. Families are model or annotation elements that have been grouped together and set up with dimensions and other parameters.

Differentiate 3 Kind of Families

There are three different kinds of families in Revit.

In-Place Families:

  • These families are modelled directly in a Revit project.

  • Use the Model In-Place tool to create project specific custom forms.

  • In-Place Families cannot be loaded into or saved out of a project.

Loadable Families

  • Loadable families are created a .rfa file and then loaded in model or template.

  • Categories can include doors, furniture, tags and lighting fixtures.

  • They can be created and loaded into a project as well as deleted or saved from a project.

System Families

  • These are the families that are pre-defined families specific to a Revit Project.

  • You do not load them into your project from external files. They are embedded inside a project or template.

  • Categories include walls, roofs, floors and stairs.

Host vs. Stand-alone Families

Families can be Host-based or stand-alone. Host-based families include those that are dependent on host (wall, ceiling, floor, roof or face.) Stand-alone families, such as desks and chairs, do not need a host. How you create families depends on the way you want to use an element. For example, if you were creating a floor or table lamp, you would create a stand-alone family.

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