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How a Minneapolis Construction Firm Moves to Adopt AEC Technology Strategically

By Marie Racewicz on November 23, 2021Categories: Construction

While the AEC industry was a slow adopter initially, innovative firms adopt AEC technology more strategically. Popular solutions are seen as dynamic elements that are key to economic survival. Many construction firms are adopting technology to improve communication and streamline processes. By using the cloud, construction firms can connect their various departments and improve their productivity.

With offices in Iowa and Minnesota, Knutson Construction has a reputation for being an example of a tech-forward firm. Katie Montag, the firm’s virtual design and construction leader, says that being able to look ahead and anticipating changes is a key component of her role.

In her assessment of solutions, her goal was to help Knutson improve its productivity and reduce risk by developing solutions that can use building information modeling.

Through real-world testing, teams can identify areas where improvements can be made and learn what works best for their clients. This process helps them identify potential issues that their clients may not be aware of and adopt AEC technology with ease.

When it comes to identifying benefits, a return on coordination solutions can be easily realised on complex projects, such as hospitals and buildings. For instance, with BIM Collaborate, a project manager can easily collaborate with the owner to provide data and visualisations for training.

“We leverage BIM Collaborate to make sure that we have all of those systems in place and make the data and visualisations available for training on the owner’s side,” Montag says. “After handover, they retain all of that information that they can now use for monitoring the building or scheduling maintenance.”

Encouraging adoption was key for Knutson. The company’s virtual design and construction team uses technology to help clients realise their goals. But, in order to get the most out of the solutions, its staffers have to use them face to face. They also have to be able to provide training that’s focused on savings and soft costs.

Read the Success Story HERE.

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