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Driving circularity for the built environment. VinZero joins the WorldGBC latest programme.

Media Release 20th June 2022

The WorldGBC strategy catalyzes the uptake of sustainable buildings for everyone, everywhere and focuses on transforming the building and construction sector across three strategic areas - climate action, health & wellbeing, and resources & circularity.

As a global action network comprised of around 70 Green Building Councils around the world and as members of the UN Global Compact, WorldGBC works with businesses, organizations and governments to drive the ambitions of the Paris Agreement and UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

The recent announcement of the Circularity Accelerator project represents another exciting chapter in WorldGBC's work to advance sustainable building and net zero best practices, on a global scale. VinZero are proud to announce their contribution to this significant global programme as project partners to the Circularity Accelerator programme.

The World GBC sought after demonstrated leadership in green buildings and organizations with dedicated plans to drive market transformation towards decarbonization of the built environment. VinZero's acceptance to this programme recognizes its thought leadership in the development of the green building movement.

The programme is focused on developing a roadmap to facilitate the regeneration of resources and natural systems for the built environment with a mission for 2050 ;

A built environment with net zero whole life resource depletion, working towards restoration of resources and natural systems within a thriving circular economy

As key participants in the programme VinZero will be participating in quarterly taskforce round tables, market leading research and whitepapers, and various other communication materials and publications for Green Building Councils around the world. By the end of 2023 the Circularity Accelerator Programme aims to raise industry awareness of the state of the market, and to have developed and distributed a set of global principles and technical content to support implementation.

VinZero's participation in this world leading programme is a further demonstration of its commitment to help industry step towards net zero and its 'Think Future' thought leadership framework.

About VinZero (an ARKANCE company)

VinZero provides software solutions and professional services to Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing industries with dedicated industry experts providing modular or full end to end consulting to drive best in class project, product utilization and workflow collaboration outcomes. VinZero’s solution discovery process applies a ‘Think Future’ methodology to digitalization and central data environments, enabling customers to integrate seamlessly, onboard easily, and maintain project momentum and profitability as they do so. VinZero believes data is the new currency for achieving net zero and is committed to helping industry reduce waste, improve efficiency, and deliver sustainable building, and design practices through data insights to build a better world.

For more information visit or follow us @vinzerothinkfuture on LinkedIn & Facebook @vinzero_thinkfuture on Instagram and @vinzeronews on Twitter

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