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Creating the global conversations that can build a better world

Created by VinZero Media 19th April 2022

Paul Laycock, Global Chief Executive Officer for VinZero sat down with James Preston from Kalkine TV to talk about VinZero’s focus driving the global conversations needed for industry to build a better world.

A key focus for VinZero is to educate industry on the ability of digitalization and technology adoption to speed up access to data, and to provide detailed product and material attributes and information helping those in the Architectural, Electrical, Construction and Manufacturing (AEC&M) sectors make more informed decisions and design smarter solutions to create a better world.

“We are in a perfect position, we work across everything that is designed and modelled in 3D, and because of this we really feel that the scale we now have globally as VinZero means we can affect, drive, and support our customers on their net zero pathway by driving these types of conversations” says Paul Laycock.

For VinZero Autodesk Construction Cloud is leading the way in enabling industry to connect all data together, making it accessible throughout the project lifecycle, easier to collaborate and share information throughout the project in real-time, and making it easier for designers and developers to create smart buildings and smart infrastructure, that is good for our environment and built to last.

“There is no doubt that the climate has already started to change and that we are seeing more extreme weather events and certainly the conversations we are having with the likes of ANCR and other industry bodies suggest that we can no longer use past events to determine future events. We need to design and build for resilience” continues Paul .

There is much to be done in educating industry on emission friendly building materials and manufactured products. Consumers are driving demand for renewable solutions and VinZero intends to make it easier for manufacturers to get this information out to designers and architects. Providing ease of access to innovative and future focused design materials, manufactured with climate resilience in mind. This will support industry in the quest to build infrastructure, commercial, residential, and industrial properties in a sustainable way.

The big drive for VinZero is to engage and build a community of qualified experts as part of their 'Think Community'. To drive the conversation and deliver a platform for conversation. Paul confirms "We are going to be engaging expertise in climate science, social and behavioral science, agronomists, solar experts, agricultural scientists, and bringing together knowledge that designers, architects, builders and manufacturers can tap into to achieve net zero targets”

Paul continues “what we do know is the challenges we are being faced with now for instance with the pandemic, with the disruptions to supply chains, housing shortages and affordability issues, with recent extreme weather events, we are starting to see more unprecedented challenges and that is causing everyone to think about smarter ways to do things and to design and build communities and infrastructure”

On the issue of supply chain manufacturing Paul's answer was simple “Manufacturing ‘in country’ needs to become a trend. Governments need to stand behind manufacturing in country, for us to be more sustainable and self-sufficient. Consumers want a continual supply, and they want quality. The disruptions we have experienced over the past few years have shown that they are even prepared to pay more for it. Robotics and digitalization make it possible today for manufacturers to control costs and be more competitive in the manufacturing process.”

Focusing inward and seeing more manufacturing in country will build for a stronger, more resilient and more reliable supply chain for consumers and business. As always consumers will drive the demand for much of the change that needs to happen.

To participate in conversations that can build a better world join VinZeros Think Community

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