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ARKANCE acquires VinZero to deliver an unparalleled global services platform to the Construction and Manufacturing sectors


ARKANCE, a subsidiary of Monnoyeur, acquires VinZero and doubles its size

Paris, June 1, 2023.

Monnoyeur, the French B2B Services Group for the construction and agriculture industry, has acquired the international company VinZero through its subsidiary ARKANCE, which specializes in digitalization and digital transformation for the construction and industrial sectors.

A global presence

This major acquisition will result in ARKANCE more than doubling its revenue. The latter, which amounted to 220 million euros in 2022, will thus exceed the 500 million euro mark on a full year basis.


This investment will enable ARKANCE, which until now has been present mainly in Europe, to expand its global reach. Since its creation in 2011, ARKANCE has become a leading European player spanning 14 countries with 800 employees spread across 30 offices.

VinZero has 550 employees and is present in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, India and the United Kingdom spread across 32 offices under its subsidiary brands A2K Technologies, Cadline, Capricot Technologies and U.S CAD.

In total, the new entity will cover more than 18 countries supported by more than 60 local offices.

"We are very pleased to welcome VinZero to our group. In a few years, ARKANCE has become a leader in many European countries. With this new acquisition, we will benefit from global reach and increased expertise, and gain the ability to help our traditional clients in their digital transition, while keeping our roots to offer international coverage with local strength", says Philippe Monnoyeur, CEO of the Monnoyeur Group and long aware of the major impact of digitization on his clients.

An expanded and enriched service offering, closer to customers' needs

Both ARKANCE and VinZero have capitalized for many years on the distribution of solutions from strategic, leading and innovative technology partners. The new entity has become the world's leading distributor of Autodesk, the giant publisher of specialized software for design and manufacturing (e.g., AutoCAD software), particularly for the construction and engineering industries.

Our ambition is to be the trusted partner in our customers' digital transformation by enabling them to balance results and profitability.

To best support digitalization in the design and construction of architectural, industrial and infrastructure projects and to deliver complete solutions, the group will also be able to draw on an expanded network of skills to develop software in-house.

"ARKANCE now has the critical mass to develop sophisticated solutions, and the enhanced ability to deliver them and capture the growth of digitalization trends. Our ambition is to be the trusted partner in our customers' digital transformation by enabling them to balance results and profitability. We rely on an international team of industry experts who understand the challenges of an ever-changing digital environment," says Grégoire Arranz, ARKANCE CEO.

A positive impact on the environment

While the construction sector is a major emitter of CO2 (30% of greenhouse gas emissions are linked to construction), the new entity is positioned as a key player in supporting its customers in a decarbonization strategy. In fact, digitalization has a major role to play in reducing these emissions. As a result of this acquisition, VinZero, which places sustainability at the heart of its DNA, delivers an additional level of expertise and leadership to the group to deploy solutions to improve the design, construction and manufacturing of sustainable projects.

"VinZero's continued growth in digital transformation, with a focus on carbon reduction and sustainability, aligns perfectly with the Monnoyeur and ARKANCE vision. With an incredible business

history spanning over 100 years and a very people-centric culture, this is the perfect home for VinZero. We are very excited about the additional potential that the scale of Monnoyeur and ARKANCE will bring to our people, our customers, and our partners in the years to come",concluded Paul Laycock, VinZero Group CEO.



ARKANCE has a mission to lead the Manufacturing and Construction industries in digital transformation. By partnering with global technology leaders and developing complementary IP solutions, ARKANCE optimizes its customers projects through all phases of the life cycle. Its 800 strong network of experts across 14 European countries have a deep knowledge of the challenges faced by industry and a passion to develop and deliver solutions responsibly and economically. 



MONNOYEUR, is a B2B services group for the construction, industry and agriculture sectors. It distributes and maintains equipment through its networks BERGERAT MONNOYEUR and IPSO and provides rental solutions with Aprolis and Bergerat Rent. MONNOYEUR assists its customers in meeting their energy supply and digitalization challenges through its dedicated subsidiaries ENERIA and ARKANCE. With 8,000 employees, Monnoyeur is present in 20 countries and has a turnover of €2.6 billion.

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